Thursday, September 9, 2010

Art Hop

If you're not doin' nothin', come over to the Propeller Media Works on Friday, Sept 10th. From 7 to 10PM there is a reception for this art exhibit curated by the multi-talented Michael Montanaro for the South Burlington Art Hop. There are a bunch of super talented artists involved, all of whom have been in the snowboarding industry for a long time, and all showcasing really beautiful stuff. Seriously, I was there last night when some of it came in, and it was very impressive. Without saying too much, I have to note that one photo by Adam Moran involved a Volcano, an exotic location, and the best snowboarder in the world. Also, some amazing portraits of the late C.E.Kelly, in photograph and in paint. There was much more art being delivered today. I didn't see that stuff, because I had to get home so I could get up early and help deliver 32 chickens to the slaughter house.

See you there!

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