Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yes...the Website!

Pretty amped up on this new website we just went live with (Working on getting a link back to it from this blog). I think it lets people know what we're up to in a pretty concise, yet mellow way. Still a couple of items to deal with, and some of the content (including board specs) is still absent, but we're nearly done with it. Tell us what you think about it (and us) if you want to. That would be rad.
Anyways, this website's been a long time coming, so I have to take a hot second to give out some thanks to some serious bros, who have seriously hooked us up. Gaetano, the website looks beautiful, thank you for being one of the most insightful designers, as well as one of the best people ever. Thanks. Shem, thanks in advance for towing me out of your horrible, snowy driveway every other weekend this winter. And for giving me thousands of dollars of sick digital snowboarding photographs for free...Kegler, everyone, EVERYONE thinks that your logo is the best thing about the company. Scott, thanks for naming the company, and for being a good snowboarder to take pictures of. Aaron, thanks for letting me use your photos, even though we only really met once. You're a pretty nice guy, I think. Shoot, now that I've started, there's actually a lot of people I need to thank...Ken, Vin, Mike, Nick, my wife Zoe, Matt Conrad, my dad...J. Huffman, Dave-man...Dan and crew at Dorset Custom Furniture...You know what, I'm going to stop right there. Let me know if'n I left you out, and I'll give you an individualized shout out, how does that sound?
I love this website. I feel like its my own little digital child, birthed through computer processors and observed though monitors for any shortcomings/abnormalities that must be dealt with. It's not quite done, so we can't expect it to be perfect, but I've got a good feeling that it's got a strong future. I hope everyone enjoys it, and then buys something.
And again, thanks fellas. Nice work.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010