Thursday, September 9, 2010

2nd best toeside turn EVER

In the spirit of qualified claiming, Jesse said that this was his second favorite toeside turn ever.
Considering it was his second run on a PowderJet, we're claiming that his third through twelfth favorites ought to be served up before longish.

Art Hop

If you're not doin' nothin', come over to the Propeller Media Works on Friday, Sept 10th. From 7 to 10PM there is a reception for this art exhibit curated by the multi-talented Michael Montanaro for the South Burlington Art Hop. There are a bunch of super talented artists involved, all of whom have been in the snowboarding industry for a long time, and all showcasing really beautiful stuff. Seriously, I was there last night when some of it came in, and it was very impressive. Without saying too much, I have to note that one photo by Adam Moran involved a Volcano, an exotic location, and the best snowboarder in the world. Also, some amazing portraits of the late C.E.Kelly, in photograph and in paint. There was much more art being delivered today. I didn't see that stuff, because I had to get home so I could get up early and help deliver 32 chickens to the slaughter house.

See you there!